About Us

We, at Southern Aroma believe that good food does not merely give material pleasure, but adds joy to life. Good food is the foundation to genuine happiness. Southern Aroma, located in the city of Markham (Markham Road and Denison Street), was established not only to cater to the South Asian community in Canada, but also to food lovers who want to explore a fresh and novel taste sensation. It is enriched with a vast and irresistible variety of authentic Southern Indian dishes.

The Southern Indian cuisine is an amalgamation of different ethnicities and blends native ingredients, as well as cooking techniques, including Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisines. Our menu consists of well-seasoned dishes that speak for themselves and the recipes were passed on by world class chefs for you to satiate and tickle your taste buds. We strive to give you a quality authentic gourmet experience by selecting handpicked spices and herbs.

Our signature dishes are made up of the best and rarest of the aromatic spices and we give paramount importance to flavour and texture. These recipes celebrate the best of Sri Lankan and Indian palate and we promise to take you on a culinary journey.

Not only is our food delicious, but the relaxed and lively atmosphere makes Southern Aroma a great place for fine dining with your loved ones. We believe in the old saying, “the guest is equivalent to God!” and this reflects in our service.

Our Story

Southern Aroma is an inception of 5 years with deep roots of Southern Indian traditions, helping us guide in all our endeavours to provide a fulfilling experience to each one of our customers. We have been providing gourmet catering services for all occasions, be it small and cosy private parties or corporate events.

Our vast catering experience of 7 years in this industry has made us one of the best in the business. Our aim is to bring you the traditional and rustic flavours from Southern India, as well as from other parts of the world with vast fusion. We are equipped with chefs who are trained in traditional crafts and techniques to serve you food the way it is supposed to taste!